Yosifu 優席夫

Contemporary Artist from the Amis Indigenous Tribe of Taiwan


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 About Yosifu 關於 優席夫

Yosifu was born in the village of Matailing, Taiwan and belongs to the Amis tribe of indigenous people found in the east of the island.  He now lives and works mainly in Edinburgh in Scotland, and has exhibited successfully internationally.  He is one of only a very few artists promoting Taiwan indigenous culture in Europe over the past 20 years.

Yosifu's varied creative talents encompass music, photography, design and painting.  His bright vibrant style has its roots in indigenous and naive forms of artwork and is a fusion of Western and Asian styles and techniques.  He focuses on the strong use of colours to dramatic effect, with a simple facade often hiding more serious observations or social commentary.  His unique style is appreciated internationally, with works collected in Taiwan, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Canada, USA, Brazil, Australia, Sweden, France & Spain.  

Yosifu has been an invited artist to exhibit at Art Taipei International Art Fair, as well as at Taipei International Airport.  He is deeply committed to using art as an educational tool, and has been invited to teach at the prestigious Stanley Yen Cultural Foundation Art Summer School and multiple times to speak at TEDx Taipei.  He has held workshops and lectures at several schools and universities to inspire the younger generations, and to promote art and the culture and increase awareness and understanding of the indigenous tribes of Taiwan.  Yosifu has worked on prominent public art projects, and has created striking designs for internationally recognised brands such as Rolls Royce, McDonalds, and Matisse Whisky.  He is the proud recipient of a 2022 Golden Bell award for his work as a presenter on the National Geographic documentary "Secrets of the Ocean Tribes". 

優席夫 阿美族血統,出生於花蓮玉里的原住民部落〜馬泰林村,目前定居於英國藝術之都〜愛丁堡。已有多年在當地知名國際藝術節參展的資歷,是近20年來目前少數在歐洲以原住民為主題推動台灣文化,並成功發展的原住民藝術家。


優席夫是台北國際藝術博覽會受邀參展之藝術家,同時也是桃園國際機場展之受邀者,他致力用藝術推廣美學教育,曾受知名企業人士嚴長壽先生之邀約,擔任偏鄉藝術夏令營的啟發任務,他多次受邀在TEDx Taipei 演講,並在許多校園教導創作與啟發年輕人,推廣藝術與文化不遺餘力,使大眾能更深的了解台灣原住民。優席夫 曾參與著名的公共藝術項目,並為勞斯萊斯、麥當勞和馬蒂斯威士忌等國際知名品牌創作了引人注目的設計。2022年他因在國家地理節目“海洋族群的秘密/南島起源”中擔任主持人而榮獲金鐘獎。

 'Artist Yosifu Kacaw portrays the joy and pain of Taiwan's indigenous peoples'

Commonwealth Magazine, 2017

'Drawing the distant Austronesian relatives home'

Taipei Times, 2022

 'Amis painter Yosifu captures beauty, richness of Taiwan indigenous culture'

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